Sunday, 31 January 2016

Manager's Comments 1-2-16

Well, the first month of 2016 is already gone! Although January can be a mixed bag, the office has been busy. A good number of new listings are coming in (your competition), and some very good sales were made. We hope this is a good indicator of 2016. As more properties come onto the market so the competition increases. Buyers use one gauge when making offers. Comparative value. They know how the market is; they are immersed in it and usually inspect and consider 20-50 houses, more sometimes, before they make a serious bid on what they see as comparable value. Bang for buck. Get yourself in that region with your marketing. Put yourself into this market, don’t just be another advertisement. Very often when properties are competitively priced, the sale price is hydrauliced with the pressure of a multi offer, forcing serious contenders to their limit. That is the best way, other than Auction, to maximize your return. Get into this market and profit by serious and often multiple buyer interest.

John Christiansen

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Manager's Comments 18-1-16

Happy New Year. The weather is heating up. How about the real estate market in 2016? Time will tell of course, but it seems to have started well with good inquiry, still it’s far too early to make any judgment. There are some indicators that we will have a very steady market similar to last year. Ups and downs. The dairy prices will begin to bite, as will the recent redundancies across the energy sector. Both these sectors will rebound – but neither looks likely to have a big turn-around in the short term. The heat has come off the Auckland market, but it’s still almost unaffordable for those without some holding in that market already. Donald Trump is giving everyone the jitters. The stock markets are a bit shaky as well. However, we enjoy the cheapest mortgages in recent history, buyers are still about and active. We still enjoy fullish employment in New Plymouth, so easy borrowing is available to most. It will be a bit like our spring weather. Hot and cold, a mixed bag. The only certainty is that, as ever, buyers will demand the best comparative value available.

John Christiansen