Monday, 23 November 2015

Manager's Comments 23-11-15

REMINDER. To have your deal settled in January, you need to do a review now. Time is marching on; Christmas madness is already showing its head. I notice more and more Christmas parties on in town, and Christmas lights all over (doesn’t Centre City look great?). The fact is time is scurrying away. The time to act is now, or miss the boat. Talk to your agent about the marketing, the advertising, and the pricing. You may change nothing, but do the review. Harcourts has some great BluePrint specials, which may be very useful over Christmas. A full-page feature for $460 Inc. GST. Yes, full page, with editorial as well. That is unequalled value. There are special upgrades on both and which increase viewings and exposure many fold. Talk to your agent now; get in front of this market with your new message.

John Christiansen

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Manager's Comments 9-11-15

Get sold before Christmas, there is time, and there are buyers wanting property. We have 5 ½ weeks. Make a firm plan with your agent. Do a complete review of marketing, of price and of the cost if you’re not sold before late January. Yes, late January. On Christmas Eve the buyers are off until mid January. They lose interest; their lawyers are on holiday, its family time. If we don’t get them before Christmas Eve we wait for them to do the Christmas, New Year thing and get back into Buyer mode. Mid January. The process will take a little while, so a quick sale may take until the end of January to complete. Given your commitment now, we can make the sale happen before Christmas. Give you certainty; a worry free holiday period will be an extra reward. Do the review as soon as possible, get sold before Christmas.

John Christiansen