Sunday, 27 September 2015

Manager's Comments 28-9-15

Well, daylight saving has arrived, the weather has really turned. Now we know spring is definitely here and summer is coming. Longer daylight hours give us more time to showcase your property. Twilight open homes can be very effective from now on. This time of the year we can expect more listings to come into the market, increasing your competition. You have the advantage just now, so use it before it erodes. Make sure your marketing is effective and your pricing is reflective of comparative value. Now is a good time to liaise with your agent and review the strategy. Good sales are being made at present, be sure you get amongst them.

John Christiansen

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Manager's Comments 14-9-15

Our move into Devon Street is progressing, but it will take a while to complete the fit out to our satisfaction.  Quite a lot remains to be done, but a lot has been accomplished in 3 weeks as well. All our agents are settled into the new environment, all our IT and communications are in place. It’s functional and its productive already thanks to our amazing building & painting team led by Graeme Rogers. We feel we are home now.
The New Plymouth market is still flat-lining in a pretty positive way. 75 New Plymouth sales in August, median price bang on $350,000. It’s what we expect, steady as she goes. The 0.25% reduction in the OCR keeps the cost of mortgage money as cheap as it’s been for generations. Very few banks quote rates over 5.99%, some start with a 4. First home buyers entry to the market is easier now, their buying power up to $350,000 in New Plymouth. Spring has emerged from the cold wet winter; the days are longer and warmer. We expect the steady market to continue right up until Christmas.

John Christiansen