Monday, 4 August 2014

Manager's Comments 4-8-14

People ask me, how would you go about selling your house? Obviously they realize that after 25 years on the job, 10 years leading New Plymouths most successful sales team, I will have a good idea of what works best. They’re right, I do. The fact is, I am selling my house. It’s a really good house in a top location. I will miss living there. However, for the foreseeable future we have decided apartment living will suit us better, and so the sale is on. Like all vendors I want it all. I want the opportunity to gain any market premium available. I want the best agents working for me. I want some urgency and certainty, I want a sale date. To achieve all this I engaged a top agent and one of our auctioneers, and we go to auction late this month. I know the very best negotiator, the auctioneer, will control proceedings to my advantage. The promotion and pre auction sales activity will be far superior to other selling procedures. I understand when the sale is made, the hammer drops, I will have a cash, unconditional contract with a full deposit paid. I will be on my way, moving to the next little chapter in my life. The stress and anxiety will be less knowing I am doing everything possible to facilitate a smooth and successful sale. I will be walking the walk.

John Christiansen