Sunday, 28 June 2015

Manager's Comments 22-6-15

At last the rain has gone and by and large New Plymouth has been spared the horror of major house flooding. Not so our neigbours in Wanganui.
This is a good time to count ourselves lucky and do a couple of timely little checks ensuring we continue to be safe and secure. Do you have an emergency pack? Basic first aid, water supply, canned foods, multi tool? Is there an obvious place water pools on your section that you can drain to help save house flooding? Most importantly, are you well enough insured? The horrors of flooding start with the water, but the cleanup will be long, messy and can be very expensive if gib board walls and the flooring need to be refurbished or replaced. A few extra dollars a month for a good policy to cover this sort of damage could be well worthwhile. The misery of a flooded or wind damaged house will be bad enough without worrying about getting it sorted and ready to occupy again. A good time to take stock. We have just witnessed what can be. We know the threat is real.
These events have not affected our market. It’s business as usual.

John Christiansen

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Manager's Comments 8-6-15

50% of online marketing is now searched on mobile devices, mainly smart phones, and also tablets. Desk top computers are used less and less to search for information. This trend is growing exponentially as more and more smart phones are used. One of the issues with this is that older websites don’t view easily on a smaller device. They don’t resize their content in a simple and readable format for smart phones and tablets. and have been redesigned to do just that. Now when 50% of our on line inquiries come in on small devices, your web presence is displayed in a good usable format, easily read, easily searched, enquiries go straight to your listing agent. Being number one on line is not only about volume, it’s about quality of service. It’s about getting your information to the buyers in the best possible way.

John Christiansen