Sunday, 10 April 2016

Manager's Comments 11-4-16

The lead story in Saturday’s paper quoted “Home ownership still affordable in Taranaki”. That’s true. By comparison with our metropolitan centers, we are affordable. There is however quite stiff competition for buyers in the sub $400,000 bracket where investors compete with first and second homeowners, and where the affordability creates the most buyers. Multi offers are pretty much the norm at these levels. Over $400,000 the game changes as the price increases, buyers become increasingly scarce, and increasingly fussy. Price is no longer the only factor; choices are wider, competition less.
Sellers under $400,000 should seriously consider the advantages of auction and capitalize on the competition in the market. That will drive bidding and ensure you achieve the best cash offer available. Putting the buyers all in the same room will push the price to the best cash offer available in the market. You have the security of a reserve and will not undersell. Talk to our Auctioneer Phil Quinney, along with your agent, and discuss the process. It’s easier than you think.

John Christiansen