Thursday, 25 September 2014

Manager's Comments 26-9-14

We have seen a market increase in buyer activity, offers and sales during September. Why? We wish we knew. This started prior to the election, no particular good news or market anomaly appears to have sparked this interest. Now with a settled political outlook, daylight saving and warmer longer days we can only expect this trend to continue to build. What has been constant with buyers throughout is that they know the market, they know where they see value, and they stick to what they know when making offers. What I am saying is more buyer interest is welcome, but prices remain constant and in order to sell, vendors still need to meet the market.

John Christiansen

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Managers' Comments 15-9-14

There is a marked increase in new listings over the past 3-4 weeks. Spring has sprung to mind for many who are looking at getting into this market now to capitalize on the dearth of good properties.   Currently there are only half the properties for sale in New Plymouth than would normally be expected at this time of the year. This slight increase will free the market up somewhat and provide competition for those already listed for sale. We are still experiencing a good level of buyer activity, but given more good houses to chose from, that may be dissipated somewhat. Consider this when your offer comes. Meantime, longer days, better weather and more overall activity will be a good thing.

John Christiansen