Thursday, 24 October 2013

Manager's Comments 14-10-13

Well the Council has a very new look about it. I wonder how much difference this will all make in the end? I thought our old Council actually did rather well considering all the wonderful amenities and facilities we enjoy – the reason most of us stay here. Time will tell. The new Council will have a bearing on local property values, these go up and down (temporarily) because of supply and demand. There really is no other driver when it comes down to it. All the other factors do is help shape supply and demand. The high demand in NP at present is directly related to: A: it is a lovely place to live and our lifestyle is enhanced by what NP offers. We want to be here. B: employment demands, currently in the energy and engineering sectors. Council has a direct effect on how attractive NP is to us in many ways. I just hope they don’t find it necessary to make too much change. Is it really broken? Current demand to live here doesn’t support that view. Change the bath water by all means, but let’s keep the baby. Let’s also keep the high demand for NP property. Several bidders took our latest auction last week over the reserve again. Seller and buyer were both very happy with this simple but effective process. If you haven’t yet fully considered auction, discuss it with your agent today and take that advantage. John Christiansen